An Open Web App for Editing Rich Text Documents.

An Open Source Project of

Mozilla Open Web Apps

Open Web Apps


  • Integrable
  • Discoverable
  • Linkable
  • Built from Web Technologies


  • Easy to launch
  • Free or Paid
  • Platform Integration
  • Desktop and Mobile
  • Cross Browser
  • Open Distribution

Existing Technologies and Web Apps

Google Docs
MS Word
Network Connection
Apps are installed by a user, they are self-contained and don't always require the chrome of a browser window. They require only during initial deployment.
OWA saves much of the HDD space as comapred to the desktop softwares.

OWA to edit Rich Text Documents

  • Approach & Implementation
  • Functionality & Design Features

Approach & Implementation

  1. Mozilla Student Projects at github.
  2. Github Repository (EditOnTheGo).
  3. Cloning the Repository.
  4. Issues.
  5. Code and Commit.
  6. Review by mentor.
  7. FFOS Simulator.

Functionality & Design Features

  1. Packaging
  2. Load and Save to IndexedDB
  3. Import and Export
  4. Pick Image
  5. Ubiquitous

There are lot of benefits

Thank you !
  • We encourage huge participation.